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The summer season in St. Ignace and its neighboring areas is a thrilling time for both locals and visitors. With plenty to explore and experience, time seems to fly by in a flash!

St. Ignace takes pride in hosting a variety of events, from shows and festivals to other celebrations that showcase the region's immaculate wilderness and shoreline settings.

St. Ignace offers cozy and reasonable accommodations, authentic UP cuisine, and its renowned small-town charm. Start planning your True North Getaway today! St. Ignace acts as the gateway to the Upper Peninsula, where the vast waters of Lake Huron and Lake Michigan converge. The region is replete with verdant forests, cerulean waters, sand dunes, and remarkable landmarks waiting for you to discover. Rejoice in a more relaxed, uncomplicated way of life, where residents know each other by name and wish to reveal their community's and region's history to strangers.

Get ready to engage in a plethora of activities and recreation in St. Ignace. Make it your ultimate vacation spot, choosing one of our fabulous accommodations or stay for a while, venturing to explore Upper Peninsula attractions from the comfort of your lodging choice.