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4. Can my move be insured?

Yes. As an authorized U-Haul dealer, we use U-Haul equipment exclusively and ALWAYS include the Extra Protection package with the rental. This insures you items while in transit. Crossroads Moving Helpers is also a Five Star preferred Moving Helper with U-Haul's Moving Helper  program allowing us to add insurance to you load and unload for you a few more dollars.

3. Is there a cancellation fee?

Crossroads Moving Helpers understands that life comes at you fast and plans change and that itself is enough frustration, we do not wish to compound this frustration so we do not charge any cancellation fee. Our goal is to make moving you home or office as frustration free as possible.

1. Is a deposit required?

There is no deposit required for most jobs. At Crossroads Moving Helpers, the general policy is to not collect anything until the job is done and everybody is happy. However, we do require a deposit on jobs that require a flight